The Breath of Spring: New Apparel Collections by Airfreight


Apparel airfreight is the most common season process. When winter is almost over garments suppliers as well as fashion houses start active preparations for the new spring-summer season. Having had enough of warm clothes during winter, the shops displays change its outlook dramatically. Buyers impatiently wait for the new collections to arrive to be able to evaluate and to try light spring garments.

Surely suppliers compete for the buyer's attention by attracting them with the new assortment. Here the timely apparel delivery becomes of primary importance, because even shortest delays may lead to loss of the buyers. Delivery World had never brought its customers down, and all the orders are always delivered right in time. For more than 10 years we perform airfreight of apparel, shoes and textiles, having solid experience with this kind of freight and offering our customers best service and competitive prices.

In February the volume of apparel airfreight performed by Delivery World significantly increased. We made the deliveries from all over the world – from USA, Asia, but mostly from Hong Kong. This is of no surprise as the factories of the key apparel and accessories manufacturers for most of the countries in the world are located in South China. The quality of these product matches European standards, and Hong Kong is the key transportation knot.

Mid February we successfully delivered large lots of fashion women and men apparel for our regular customers in Hong Kong and CIS states. The customers arranged customs procedures at goods destinations on their own. Soon the new collections will be available to general public in fashion boutiques.

Apparel airfreight is one of the key specializations of Delivery World. We managed to gain trust of the leading suppliers and keep welcoming new importers as our customers.

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