In Global Network. Delivery World Delivered Network Equipment from Shanghai


Improvement of the modern technologies provides us with many new options that simplify solution of routine tasks. Their integral part – computer technologies, made possible things that used to seem just imaginary before. Development of the Internet network in its turn fully changed the life of the human, and totally changed our view on means of communication.

Computer communication is one of the most developed, demanded, and prospective technologies today. The networks connecting computers, mobile devices, and "smart" equipment, are integral part of almost any work involving high-tech devices. Those networks are required for virtual communication, information transfer, and are globally used both for work and study processes.

What is computer network? It is many computers, mobile devices, and network equipment connected in single network with communication lines, and working under control of special programs. Computer network functioning requires special equipment, such as routers, communicators, concentrators, patch-panels, and etc. With this, modern means of telecommunications can organize both wired and wireless connections. Wireless connection, including WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMAX is the connection established by transferring information via radio waves. Wired connection transfers signal from electric, or fiber optic cable.

In October Delivery World – the leader on the airfreight forwarding market – delivered network equipment from Shanghai (PRC) . China is one of the main world leaders in producing network cables, connectors, routers, network adapters, and of the other equipment. Soon this equipment will be available on the n computer equipment markets.

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