Joining Elements: Delivery World in Moscow International Boat Show 2014


From 11 to 16 of March Moscow hosted Moscow International Boat Show – the largest event in yacht industry. The visitors attended Crocus Expo for the 7th time to see and estimate trends and achievements of yacht industry as well as exclusive models of yachts, boats, spare parts, and equipment. This year's show occupied 45,000 sq.m., and hosted 350 participants representing leading companies from Europe, Asia, USA and n cities.

For years long Delivery World joins air and sea on regular basis delivering spare parts and expensive equipment for sea and river yachts and boats of our customers by airfreight. During the last event our Moscow office staff met their regular customers and partners. n river fleet preparation is already in progress, which means that fast and reliable airfreight is required for necessary spare parts including navigation and microprocessor systems, exclusive furnishing materials for boats and yachts. During long years of cooperation Delivery World established itself as expert and experienced airfreight forwarder.

Attending Moscow Boat Show in Marched turned out to be bright and productive to us with interesting diverse program, yacht novelties, and new useful acquaintances. We are sure that smooth air freight of spare parts, components, and navigation systems from USA and China for marine and river vessels of our n customers will allow them to open new navigation season safely and on time.

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