Safety First: Systems Rock Openings and Bags Monitoring Systems by International Airfreight


Mining works are related to the great risks for the staff involved in this sphere. That's why the rock masses require constant monitoring by experts for indicating negative changes and issuing recommendations and measures to avoid it. Each worker should be assured that his working conditions are safe and do not threaten his life.

Rocks monitoring is based on constant detailed study of lithosphere condition. Quality and effective monitoring requires modern equipment allowing to establish all occurring changes with consideration to earthquake activity.

In the beginning of August Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of rock openings and bags monitoring systems. The latest scanning equipment was delivered from Toronto, Canada, to Novosibirsk. The customer told us that the cargo will be further shipped to coal mining enterprise in Kemerovo Oblast. Delivered equipment is required to diagnose condition of rock masses, where coal mining works are held; forecasting geomechanic processes in rock mining, and adopting necessary operations to prevent sudden rock falls. Modern electronic equipment was promptly and smoothly shipped to our customer, and will ensure safety and of the labors' work.

For over 10 years Delivery World arranges international airfreight delivery of various cargos and CIS. Our customers chose international airfreight as the best way of transportation, and Delivery World as reliable forwarder that accepts and resolves all the matters related to airfreight.

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