Form and Content Must Be Gorgeous. Delivering Molding Equipment by Airfreight from China


Today the plastic is widely used for production of both industrial and consumer goods. Assortment may surprise even the most sophisticated mind: it is packing materials and containers, machine parts and bodies, toys and household items, furnishing and furniture, and much more. The items made of polymeric materials are used almost in all spheres of human professional activity. Speaking of plastic goods advantages, one should note its low cost, long service life, light weight, and in addition to above, the modern assortment is ecologically safe and is easy to utilize.

Various types of injection molding machines and extrusion machines with molding press are used for production of plastic goods; those are special devices to form various shapes from plastic. Polymeric substances are dissolved in injection molding machines, and after the dissolved mass is injected to press mold under pressure. In the form the item gets necessary shape and sets hard. Press form is a must type of equipment in technological network of production of finished plastic goods.

Most of the press forms used in are imported from abroad. It is related to high quality of imported equipment and its competitive price. In July Delivery World shipped press forms from Shanghai (China) by international airfreight. The lot of press forms made of steel, with total weight over one ton, were delivered for our regular customer just in time. Delivered press forms have unique construction, and have been designed on our customer's request for production of single type of goods, namely for plastic bottles production for distribution of branded carbonated drinks on one of the customers' plants.

Delivery World performs international airfreight of industrial equipment and CIS on regular basis. Our customers include the largest n and foreign industrial companies, choosing Delivery World for fast and reliable international airfreight.


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