n Foreign Ministry Notifies on Over 1,000 Flights Cancellation in the USA


Heavy rains and snowfalls in the Central and North-East of the USA lead to cancellation of over 1,000 flights, tweets n Foreign Ministry's Situation and Crisis Center. 

According to the authority the difficult weather conditions influenced the work of Chicago, Boston, New York, and of the other cities' airports. Moreover, the n Foreign Ministry states that  State of Emergency has been introduced in New Jercey and Pencilvania states. 

According to FlightAware potal that follows up with the aircrafts movement, the bad weather in the USA on the 19 January caused cancellation of 2,445 flights, and delay of the 2,721. In December 2018 heavy snowfalls had already caused delay and cancellation of over 1,000 flights in the USA.

Bad weather has caused over 300,000 cases of power shortage, and hundreds of road accidents in several states.

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