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Visible capillary vessels are called spider veins. Usually it appears on the feet. It seems to be cosmetic issue, but vascular network can be a sign of beginning of the varicose vein disease.

Spider veins on the body is clear sign of illness. Usually it appears on the feet and on the face; but sometimes vascular network can appear on the hands, abdomen, chest, ribs and under the breast. In some cases it covers all body. In any case women with this problem have to consult phlebologist, hematologist, or vascular surgeon.

Most of the patients referring for treatment are women in their 30s and 40s. Main causes of spider veins are genetics, standing work, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, and using hormonal contraception.

On the face spider veins appear on the face due to inflammation of vessels. Usually it appears on the nose (nose alae), but can appear on the cheeks, under the eyes, on the eyelids, and on the chin. It is mostly caused by blood circulation failure furthered by unfavorable weather conditions, stress, smoking, and alcohol. For the women with underlying risk of vascular disease the condition can be caused by excessive tanning (in solarium or staying under the sun).

Spider veins can be illuminated by microsclerotherapy. The method works best when the capillary network has just appeared, and is limited. Special mixture introduced in the veins, it joints smaller veins and capillary vessels, and clothes it.

Laser is another method to remove vascular network on the feet and face. It works as follows: directed particles flow operates on the skin, and the energy is consumed by hemoglobin. Capillary walls get joined, and turn to red spots, fading with time, and smaller vessels disappear immediately. Laser works only on affected capillary vessels, and healthy tissues remain untouched. The patient does not feel any discomfort during treatment, and swelling and red spots left by laser disappear with 25-30 minutes from treatment. Treatment of major surfaces may require several procedures. Usually 2-3 sessions are enough.

For years of work Delivery World proved itself as reliable international freight forwarder delivering cargos of any complicity. Assurance in constant quality of the service provided by our company is one of the main reasons for loyalty of our customers. For instance, delivery of medical equipment and instruments became routine work for Delivery World. In November we brought laser device for removal of vascular network from face and body from France, and nozzles for nasal surgeries.

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