When Every Minute Counts: Urgent Delivery of Medical Equipment



Child surgery has several peculiarities related to the patients' age: special choice of milder anesthesia, necessity to prevent to prevent child body dehydration, tissues trauma reduction. Individual and age related peculiarities are always taken into account by child surgeon. Outstanding expertise of the child anatomy, mainly differing it from adult is the key to success of the surgery.

Child surgery keeps developing day after day, considerably increasing quality, anesthesia supply, widely using minor invasive methods of treatment, utilizing laser, ultra-sound, and cryo surgical methods.

The child body develops fast. Several health conditions requiring surgical invasion are inborn and diagnosed at birth, others appear when child grows, and often remain unseen by the parents. Child surgeons of Zagreb always keep monitoring condition of the kid to find out and to illuminate health conditions. Yet there are emergency situations, those, when the surgery has to be performed directly after diagnosing the condition, when any delay threatens life of a child. Such cases are often for inborn conditions, especially related to newborn kids. Often hours and even minutes are defining in this case.

Being fair it is important to note the outstanding support offered for performance of such child surgeries by charity funds and volunteers, they also offer helping hand during rehabilitation process. Mainly their help allows performing surgeries saving little lives.

Our company had to assist in resolving one of such sad yet common cases. This month Delivery World shipped urgent order of medical equipment from Frankfurt to Zagreb for urgent surgery. High expertise and extreme attention to details allowed us to ship the cargo of life-importance safely and right in time.

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