Machine Builders of the World Unite! Delivery World on Mashex 2014


28 to 31 October Moscow International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo hosted Mashex 2014 Exhibition on its territory. Mashex is one of the leading machine building, metal processing and industrial machine building exhibitions in ; this year's show displayed the n and foreign equipment for processing metals and composite materials, and advanced machine building technologies.

Over 100 representatives of tens of the world's countries including Europe, Asia, and CIS took part in Mashex 2014. The exhibition program was valuable not only to displayed on the participants' booths, but for scientific and practical conferences and round tables for industry experts. During the show the visitors had a chance to get familiar with all novelties in machine building, metal processing, and robotics.

For Delivery World (as for the one of the international airfreight leading companies) this event was of great interest, as many machine building and industrial companies have chosen our company to delivery components and spare parts for machine building and metal processing equipment, valuable units for CNC machines and robotized blocks to and CIS from abroad.Attendance of this show allowed our representatives to get familiar with all novelties of the industry and new equipment specifications. Further, the received information will be used to increase the quality of our service, considering new industry standards.

Mashex 2014 allowed us to expand existing business relations with Delivery World's customers. Based on its results, our representatives entered into several contracts for international airfreight delivery of the sophisticated precise measuring equipment from Germany, components for metal processing machines from Taiwan. Soon, Delivery World will deliver several lots of equipment for our partners based on concluded contracts.

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