Like a King: Manicure Scissors and Accessories by Airfreight from Pakistan


Once upon a time French King Luis complained about agnail on his finger. Several doctors were called to remove royal agnail, but only one helped the king. This doctor is considered manicure creator.

Later this doctor created special manicure set, that contained suede file, powder and orange tree stick. Very soon this set became popular, and appeared at fashionistas homes.

In the end of the 19th century news about wonderful set spread all over the world. It became very popular in America, where ladies started to take care of their hands.

In 1917 substance that helped to remove cuticle fast and without pain appeared in US. Manicure salons started to appear across the country in that time, and relieved ladies from necessity to take care of their hands themselves.

Today manicure is made even by men, and manicure accessories can probably be found in every household. In the middle of August Delivery World shipped lot of manicure scissors and equipment from Pakistan . Customs proceeding of the cargo will soon be accomplished by our customer, and manicure accessories will be available for sale in professional shops of the n capital.

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