Maison & Objets – a round trip: delivery of exhibition cargo from the UAE to Paris and back to UAE


In early September, we received a request from our regular customer - a company which is engaged in interior design in the UAE: "We need to deliver samples of furniture and furnishings to the Paris Salon Maison & Objets urgently ». We had only five days before the exhibition would start, but it was not a big deal for the logistic managers of Delivery World. It took 2 days to comply with all formalities, including the issuing of documents for temporary import and so on. In three days, the cargo was ready to be shipped from Dubai (packed, insured and passed to air lines). After 4 days, the cargo landed in Paris at the Airport of Charles de Gaulle, and was transported to the exhibition center Paris Nord Villepinte for installation on the stand of the exhibitor.
After the exhibition the furniture and interior design items had to be delivered from France back to the UAE. This was also the responsibility of operational managers of Delivery World. The exhibition cargo was delivered to Dubai safe and sound and returned to the owner to install a show-room, in the lounge furniture design.
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