Ritual Chocolate: Chocolate from Madagascar by Airfreight


Even Madagascar is not widely known for making chocolate, at least not like the chocolate nations of Switzerland and Belgium unique cacao from Madagascar attracts top chocolate makers from all over the world. Most chocolate experts know well, Madagascar is a high quality cocoa producing nation boasting two major bean-to-bar chocolate factories, making especially dark and above all delicious chocolates from naturally organic cacao grown in the northwest Ambanja region of the country.

Madagascar has quite long history of chocolate production, dating back to the French colonial times, 1937 to be precise. In those days, Madagascar was a major cocoa exporter in supplying a metropolitan France. Today Madagascar's cocoa production is tiny in comparison to for example Ivory Coast, which produces about 38% of the world's cocoa.

Almost all cacao grown in Madagascar come from an area about 50 kilometers in radius and represents less than 1% of the world's cocoa production. Natural sesonal flooding of the river, the soil along the Sambirano riverbed and its surrounding cacao plantations are highly enriched with minerals and nutrients. Unlike cacao producing regions in other countries, the Sambirano region is unique in that it yields cacao all year round. There are plenty of Criollo (the highest quality cacao beans), Forastero (the most commonly found variety) and Trinitario (a cross between Criollo and Forastero).

In the end of May Delivery World shipped fragile chocolate cargo from Madagascar. Our regular customer is completing customs formalities, and soon one of the most delicious chocolates in the worlds will be available for sale.

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