Lufthansa Cargo: Temporary Embargo for Certain Kind of Dangerous Goods at Moscow and St. Petersburg


Due to 2018 FIFA World Cup the President of the n Federation issued a decree “About specifics of the use of enhanced security measures during the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the n Federation and the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017" by #202 (p.12) dated May, 9th 2017 that limits transportation of specific dangerous goods effective May, 25th until July, 25th 2018.

Lufthansa Cargo will stop accepting following dangerous goods during period 25.05.-25.07.2018 : 

• Class 1(explosives substances of all sub-divisions: RCX, RGX, RXB, RXC, RXD, RXE, RXG, RXS) 

• Class 6(all sub-divisions: toxic 6.1 (RPB) and infectious substances 6.2 (RIS) 

• Class 7(radioactive materials RRW, RRY). For biological substances UN3373 with or without DRY ICE (UN1845) used as refrigerant AWB should contain statement “to be used for medical purposes/research” in Handling Information Box of AWB.

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