Live and exotic: the largest shipment of live animals from Ghana


Not long ago, our company has finished successfully the delivery of animals from Ghana (Central Africa) . This shipment became the largest in the history of Delivery World in the context of quantity of transported live creatures: more than 600 animal units including such species as Python Royal (Python Regius), Scorpion (Pandinus Imperator), Bosc Monitor (Varanus Exanthematicus), Fire Skink (Riopa Fernandi), Blue Mabuya (Mabuya Quinquetaeniata). The animals were transported under the instructions of n breeding nursery of rare and exotic species of amphibian and arthropod.

The shipment itself was to some extent a challenge for our specialists because we deliver usually less sensitive cargo from Africa such as furniture, garments, souvenirs etc. This time, we needed to control and pass to airline not only terms of delivery, which were necessary to transport animals alive and in good state, but also we had to provide veterinary certificates for each species and CITES certificate (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Due to high professional skills of Delivery World staff, African shipper – breeding nursery and air freighter the animals arrived safely and in fine state.

Delivery of live animals is one of key specialization of our company. We have informed you earlier about delivery of amphibian from Peru .

Python Royal (Python Regius) 

Scorpion (Pandinus Imperator) 

Bosc Monitor (Varanus Exanthematicus) 

Fire Skink (Riopa Fernandi)

Blue Mabuya (Mabuya Quinquetaeniata)

This is how pythons are transported: in well aerated canvas bags and wooden perforated boxes. They don’t feed the reptiles during all time of transportation, it is necessary to help the animals to survive the flight easily.
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