Holiday Mood: Lighting Chains by Airfreight from Thailand for New Year


The holidays have just finished in Slovenia, feels like it is still dry autumn in Ljubljana and there is no snow, but the frozen air is filled with aroma of the coming New Year, and with the holiday rush – the displays of the shops and the trees on the streets start to glow and sparkle, the squares get decorated with the new year trees, and the shops are full with mandarins and chocolate Fathers Frosts.

In daily events kaleidoscope of Delivery World the New Year as always turns to be unexpected and fast. It seems we have just tried to make the coming spring and summer bright and filled with happiness, delivering large lots of fashion garments and accessories from different parts of the world, and stocking boutiques with the new collections. Just recently we've been remembering the summer, and were getting the students ready to the new school year, delivering electronics necessary for successful studying.

Still this time we were absolutely ready when our customer requested to deliver electric lighting chains from Bangkok (Thailand) to Saint Petersburg. Bright, colorful, lighting balls and lights will serve a stunning decoration of the coming New Year. Thai locals use it to decorate their homes, hanging it on the windows, doors, facades, and on trees. It is produced on the North of the Thai Kingdom, and is made only of natural materials such as silk, cotton, flowers and leaves of the plants, rice paper. Large lot of original New Year lighting chains from this exotic country has been delivered by us on Neva banks, and will be soon available for sale. Customs proceedings of the goods delivered to Saint Petersburg were performed by the customer on his own.

All the year-long Delivery World works hard for its customers delivering various cargos by airfreight from all over the world. We always strive to customer satisfaction, and provide them with the best airfreight offers only.

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