Make provision beforehand. Attending LeShow-Moscow


The 17th International Leather and Fur Show LeShow was held from 20 to 22 May in Moscow. It was attended by Delivery World's Moscow Office representatives. LeShow-Moscow is the largest exhibition in the fur and leather industry in . The exhibition gathered the participants from all over , Ukraine, France, India, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Poland, China, and even from Australia. The show displayed male and female apparel collections made of leather, chamois and fur, head wear and accessories made of leather and fur.

Fur and leather items are always of great interest and great demand in . It is of no surprise as the climate of the bigger part of makes one wear these kind of clothes almost all the year long, as even the short n summer is not always that hot.

Delivery World undertakes international delivery of the fur and leather items . Most of the leather jackets and coats are delivered from Italy, Turkey, and China. For our customers we also delivery fur items (full and half length fur coats) from the above countries, as well as, for sure from Greece, as these are the states where the largest world's manufacturers and suppliers are located.

During LeShow-Moscow Delivery World's professionals held several meetings both with existing clients and with the new for our company wholesale fur items sellers for international airfreight of the goods they require from abroad. The held negotiations were of success and resulted in many request for international airfreight of the fur coats for the new fall and winter season. So, one can meet unavoidable approaching cold season in new fashionable fur coats and jackets.

For over 10 years Delivery World performs international airfreight, which is practically proven to be of utmost quality.

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