Highest Level of Danger Declared in China as Typhoon Lekima Approaches


Red (highest) level of danger declared in the East of China due to approaching typhoon Lekima, reports National Meteorological Center (NMC) web-site). Accordingtoitthisisthestrongesttyphoon since 2014.

The typhoon which is currently close to Zhejiang Province on the Eastern coast will reach mainland on Saturday, August 10. Further it will move to the North of the country, and will start to lose strength from August 12.

The maximum speed of the wind has already reached 58 m/s on August 9. Strong storms are expected to hit ten provinces along Eastern coast. The center has also issued warning to Yangzi river area, including Shanghai.

Typhoon also threatens Eastern and Northern parts of Taiwan. NMC warns that the precipitation level will reach 250-320 mm.

Reuters reports that Taiwan authorities has suspended railway communication in coastal areas, closed markets and schools, and over 40 thousand of buildings are cut from electricity, over 300 flights were cancelled. Strong rain and storm that are expected to start in Shanghai from Friday will last till Sunday, says Shanghai Daily.

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