Broad Vision: Delivering Industrial Led Screens from Shenzhen



Industrial LED screen is LED screen aimed to broadcasting advertising and informational content in public, arranging video broadcasts, presentations and video walls. Industrial techniques is mainly distinguished by higher technological and operational properties that are not necessary for common screens used at homes.

Industrial LED screens have several advantages, including high resolution. Several models are able to work in Full HD, providing maximum quality of color and sharpness, and automatic brightness adjustment of LED screen adjusts accordingly to external lights allowing to establish perfect image quality with any light. Availability of High Reflection is also important, as it allows to remove light reflection from the screen.

Wide vision allows watching from anywhere within screen vision area. Power consumption adjusts according to external conditions and other influencing factors and allowsto reduce current expenses. Industrial screens are aimed to 24-hours work, which is important for advertising, informational systems and similar projects. Service life of industrial LED screen exceeds the one of the home screen in times. Strong construction of the LED screen body makes it resistant to wind and mechanical loads, and protects from water and dust. The screen can work on the street regardless rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

Special fixtures allow making video walls. It is not time consuming and is very easy, and slim body allows to make such walls seamless. The screens can be integrated with each other to broadcast one big image on the video wall.

Industrial LED screens can be used in various areas:

  • For advertising and informational purposes when installed in the shops, trade centers, transportation, on the streets, in the hotels, restaurants, railway stations and airports, in exhibition halls and museums, educational and medical establishments. This is where the Industrial LED screens are utilized most.
  • For corporate purposes in offices and manufacturers, to translate internal news communicating information both for employees and for visitors, thus improving corporate image of the company;
  • For video conferences and presentations;
  • For arranging entertainment places.

In October Delivery World as always with utmost expertise managed the request of the customer, and industrial LED screens arrived from Shenzhen by airfreight safely and in time.

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