Ottoman Heritage: Leather Jackets from Turkey by Air


Turkey has been crafting leather and sheepskin under the Mediterranean sun for over a thousand years, from the days of Constantinople.

Turkish experts travel the world over to select the finest pieces, one by one. Once the material has been sent to Turkey, dozens of different artisans will work together in concert to craft a single coat by hand, each one lending their unique skill set.

Working with leather is true art. Each hide is unique and requires highly specialized skill to take it from raw material to an elegant, finished design.

This art is not taught at any school. It is learned only through apprenticeship. Real deep knowledge has been retained in Turkey because enough masters and apprentices have passed it down throughout the generations.

Istanbul is a melting pot of diverse cultures and has been since the Silk Road era. For many artisans, leather working goes far beyond simply earning a livelihood. Turkish leather masters say that in Turkey leather is status symbol and leather is in their blood. By right they do pride themselves for their craftsmanship.

In the end of September Delivery World shipped lot of Turkish leather jackets by airfreight. Despite of tight time-lines, the urgent cargo arrived to its destination just in time, and the quality jackets will be available for sale at destination shortly.

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