Leather Jacket Season is Open. Delivering Leather Garments from Turkey



Leather garments used to be natural wear of the ancient people when other materials were unknown. After invention of textile and tricot production leather lost it popularity. Yet, technical progress became the cause of the "second birth" of leather.

Leather jacket, the way we know it, appeared about hundred year ago, when the first cars got on the streets. In that time leather became the most usable and wearable material, that was not afraid of dirt, smoke, and oil spots that accompanied drivers all time. The first bikers and pilots adopted leather jackets from drivers.

For long time leather jackets and pants remained drivers outfit. In the 1960s rock-and-roll stars made leather jackets so fashionable that it could be seen on nearly every second young man in the world

The variety of leather goods grew day after day. The first ladies leather jackets appeared. The jackets were decorated with metal studs, comfortable zippers, and got nearly irreplaceable. As leather goods are mostly meant to be demi seasonable wear, and do not suit for cold climate, the manufacturers started to produce goods with fur inside.

In the beginning of April fitting the toughest time-limits to deliver the goods right before beginning " of the leather jacket season" in Delivery World shipped lot of high-quality Turkish leather goods . The customs procedures are completed, and the delivered leatherwear is already available for sale in the shops of the n capital.

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