Leather Route: Leather Jackets from Turkey


Turkey by right prides itself as one of the world’s recognized top leather goods manufacturers. The history of the leather industry in Turkey dates back to the 12th century.

Turkey is one of the main global producers of almost every piece of clothing made of leather. New advances and constant enhancement combined with centuries old traditions, expertise, craftmanship and skill allowed this industry to deliver top-notch products. This has driven the best approach to new improvements in value crude materials that aided in emphatically influencing its creation just as exportation.

Sophisticated process and special technologies applied in the country starting from raw materials processing till final product completion allow Turkish leather (both raw skins and finished goods) to achieve and constantly maintain utmost quality.

In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped lot of Turkish leather jackets from Istanbul. The urgent cargo arrived right in time, and once customs proceedings are finalized by our regular customer the quality leather garments will be available for sale in boutiques at destination.

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