Peaceful wars: Delivery of laser tag equipment from Australia to Novosibirsk


In the end of the March, our company has received from our regular customer – the distributor of sports goods – the request for air freight forwarding from Brisbane (Australia) to Novosibirsk () of the laser tag game equipment.
The laser tag games, very energetic and pleasant, become very popular in . The amount of special arenas and firing grounds increases, and the ammunition and armour for them are imported from abroad, mainly from the USA and Australia. The advantages of this type of military games are their spectacularity and non-traumatic action. And the advantages of the air freight forwarding are the speed and safety, which were estimated by our customer once again after receiving his cargo on time and in proper state.
Delivery World delivers by air different types of goods from Australia and CIS on a regular basis. We also provide the service of air freight forwarding from New Zealand. For example, we have informed you earlier about delivery from Oakland
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