Beauty Rays: Delivering Laser Cosmetology Equipment from Dallas to St. Petersburg


It has not long ago when laser devices were first used for cosmetology purposes compared to its ages-long history that started in Ancient Egypt. Nevertheless its appearance on the market made real cosmetic revolution.

Laser cosmetology devices work mainly as follows: melanin and other skin substancives selectively absorb laser beams. Absorption leads to heating and to selective destruction of specific micro strips of the skin.

Photo rejuvenation (IPL Systems) are widely used together with cosmetology laser devices. There are also devices where IPL and laser systems are combined. Such devices are aimed for wide application:

laser face and body rejuvenation;

photo rejuvenation;

pigmentation removal;

removal of broad vessels, couperosis;

photo depilation;

scar polishing;

tattoo removal.

In the end of May Delivery World shipped lot of the laser devices used in cosmetology from Dallas to St. Petersburg. Valuable cargo was entrusted to our customer due to its years-long reputation of reliable forwarding agent. The customer is finalizing customs formalities, and soon the delivered devices will make n ladies even more beautiful.

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