Corrida without Victims: Lamborghini Aventador by Airfreight


Earlier, namely in the April, we share our experience of delivering expensive exclusive cars by airfreight from Dubai to Warsaw, Milan and Prague. There is no reason to stop in achievements, so we moved further. In the end of April Delivery World delivered another luxury car by airfreight. This time we had to deliver super car – Laborghini Aventador – brutal and strong sport car with 700 h.p., able to develop up to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. The car was named after the bull which performed on corrida and got famous after one of the most blood shedding fights in Saragossa. This model was first presented to the public in 2011.

In the end of April upon request of our regular customer Lamborghini Aventador was delivered from Dubai to Europe for the time its owner’s stay there. Delivery World ensured prompt and safely transportation of expensive super car, compiled with all necessary requirements to transportation that ensure full safety of the car. International airfreight of the four-wheeled cargo has been performed right in time.

Delivery World on regular basis delivers the cars using international airfreight for its wealthy customers. The owners of exclusive and expensive cars the owners entrust only to the most reliable forwarder, which is (in their reasonable opinion proved by years) Delivery World.

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