Asian Perfection: Cosmetics by Airfreight from Korea


Korean ladies by right can be considered examples in strive for perfection. In this country sports and clean eating are actively promoted and supported by government, and the number of the cosmetics shops exceeds the number of grocery stores.

Korean ladies can spend up to 15 minutes a day just to remove makeup from the face, and striving to perfection every 5th woman has undergone plastic surgery. In the same time, they spend more on facial and hair care, then on makeup, styling and haircuts. Korean ladies start taking care of their skin and hair from early years.

No surprise that the country where the ladies give such effort striving to perfection is considered one of the leaders in production of skin and hair care products. Korean cosmetics gained popularity among n ladies as well due to its utmost quality, visible results, and affordable cost.

In the middle of October Delivery World shipped large lot of Korean cosmetics (hyaluronic acid, shampoos, creams, gels) from Korea . The customer finalizes import formalities, and soon the delivered cosmetics will be available in n stores.


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