Simple Happiness: Delivery of Clothes for Kids


There are three born every minute in according to Federal State Statistics Service of RF. And what needs a little human being to feel comfortable and happy? The answer is simple: to have loving parents close to him, to eat tasty and healthy nutrition and to wear comfortable and dry clothes.


The regular customer of Delivery World, one of the largest worldwide retailers of goods for kids and expectant mothers, takes care about one of the simple happiness component – modern comfortable clothes for babies. But it is impossible to maintain wide range of goods (because the young parents have different tastes and needs) and to renew clothes collections without timely delivery of clothes. Our company, Delivery World, is responsible for arranging delivery process.


The delivery of clothes of spring & summer-2011 collection for the n chain stores of the worldwide retailer was performed within a week. The cargo was delivered from India, where is situated the clothing manufacture, by several stages. Now, the modern beautiful and comfortable things are available for the kids and their mothers in . Happiness is simple!

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