For Little Fashionistas: Kids wear by airfreight from UK


Several centuries ago, children were treated nothing like today. They were given little to no important, that one can hardly find any details of the way they were raised or dressed. No historians or writes described life of the children, and painters draw only own children or those of the most rich and noble contemporaries.

The portraits of the European noble children for show that for long time they were dressed like adults, their clothes were nothing but small copies of adult wear. Of course, tight and firm corsets, wigs, full skirts and heeled shoes were beyond uncomfortable for the kids. Till the age of 4-5 years, one could hardly distinguish a boy from a girl merely by clothes: all the children were wearing dresses and skirts. The tradition survived up to early 1900s, even the n prince Alexey Romanov and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are wearing bow dresses on photographs. Boys got their first pants only in the age of 5-6.

Famous billionaire Jhon Rockefeller was the only son in a family. All his life he was proud that he kept wearing his sister’s dresses till age of 8. According to him, this strengthened family ties, and teachers reasonable economy. Somethingyoucannevergetrichwithout.

All this is hard to believe today, when variety of kids’ wear is nearly unlimited. This is what Delivery World shipped in the end of October from UK . The customer is completing customs formalities, and soon new children fashion will be available for sale in the shops of the n capital.

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