Bright Accent: Fashion Jewelry from Brazil


Every woman knows that jewelry and accessories completing and finalizing the chosen look are important in creating fashionable and hard to forget image. Modern fashion jewelry is rather beautiful and quality, and by some ways can even compete the real jewelry pieces. Many think that the fashion jewelry is cheap, yet, in some cases, its price can exceed even the most expensive jewelry pieces.

Here we need to say that today's fashion is lightly silver or gold jewelry with semi-precious stones. In this not expert in every detail may not distinguish it from expensive jewelry items. Still fashion trends of the real jewelry can be much more shown in fashion jewelry.

In recent time Brazil has firmly established itself on the world market of the quality fashion jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones. Brazilian professionals transfer the bright and happy environment of this colorful and life-loving country through their unique jewelry with local materials. Ethnical, animalistic, and floral themes using bright colors and interesting shapes are the distinguishing features of Brazilian designers.

In August, on request of our regular customer, Delivery World shipped fashion jewelry from Brazilian capital to Berlin. We performed airfreight within the shortest time limits and followed all necessary norms and requirements to transportation. Soon the Brazilian designer jewelry will appear in the fashion shops of Berlin.

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