In the Rhythm of Beauty: Cosmetics Adjusting to Biorhythm from Japan


Cycle of processes in human body is called biorhythm. Heartbeat, muscles work, metabolism, breath are all types of biorhythm. There is much to say about biorhythm, nevertheless the main is that they support proper function of our body, allowing human to remain in harmony with nature and environment. It is known that there are physiological and environmental biorhythms, and the latter include daily and seasonal.

Seasonal rhythms have influence not only on our well-being, but on the way, we look as well. Making own beauty care scheme, it is important to consider seasonable changes that have influence on skin. We are most sensible to seasonal rhythms fluctuations on the edge of the seasons. Midseason is really hard period for our well-being, as all functions of our bodies get adjusted. Even hot summer and frosty winter are not as hard for us as midseason.

Биоритмы — это циклические процессы в организме человека. Сердечный ритм, сокращение мышц, обмен веществ, частота дыхания. О биоритмах можно говорить много, но главное, что они поддерживают правильное течение всех внутренних процессов, позволяют человеку жить в гармонии с природой, окружающим миром. Биологические ритмы бывают физиологическими и экологическими. К последним относятся суточные и сезонные ритмы.

Сезонные ритмы действуют не только на наше самочувствие, но и на внешний вид. Составляя свою схему ухода, очень важно учитывать и сезонные изменения, которые воздействуют на кожу. Колебания сезонных ритмов особенно ощутимы на стыке сезонов. Действительно, для самочувствия многих межсезонье является очень непростым периодом, когда происходит перестройка всех функций организма. Как ни странно, но даже жаркое лето и суровая зима — не такие сложные периоды для кожи, как межсезонье.

Seasonable rhythms require adjustments in beauty care. In autumn after summer with active sun, sea water, conditioned air is over the skin becomes more sensitive and may react to any changes in weather. Required protection and nutrition make us chose the most tender cleansing textures, and heavy textured creams enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. In spring when skin becomes especially sensitive, it is advised to include in beauty care treatments with anti-inflammatory, soothing, and calming properties.

Body biorhythms need to be considered to make daily care more effective. Thus, most treatments, except mesotherapy and peeling, are the most effective if made before 10 a.m., later the skin needs support to remain radiant and fresh during the day, evenings are most useful for mesotherapy and peelings, and night cream has to be applied an hour before sleep. All cosmetologists agree that there is no better treatment for the skin then good night sleep; so-called “beauty sleep” that lasts from 11 p.m. till 5 a.m. is the best treatment your skin can get.

Cosmetics that is able to adjust to the biorhythms of the body is what Delivery World shipped from Japan in the middle of August. The customer is finalizing customs formalities, and soon the magic care will be available for sale in the shops across . 

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