Italian Antiques for a Museum of Moscow Region


Delivery World receives many requests for transporting of unique items bought at online auctions. It is an ordinary request for us: we deliver such custom-made and unique goods demanding special conditions of transportation, which huge companies of express-delivery working at mass market mostly refuse to deliver because of all those difficulties with conveyance.

Not long ago we have received one of such requests for airfreight: our customer, a benefactor, purchase an Italian antique armchair (early XIXth century) at online auction as a gift for one of Moscow-area Museum. Such items need a special package, certain temperature conditions and a careful treatment within transporting process - from receiving cargo from the sender and loading to airplane to its unloading in a port of destination and delivering to recepient. Our specialists and cargo-coordinators of airlines managed this process accurately, so the armchair arrived in its entirety and good conditions. Now it is a part of decoration of noble manor of Moscow Region.
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