Woven Flight: Fabrics from Italy by Airfreight


Italy is known with it textile factories and professionals carefully preserving quality fabric production tradition. Their products are loved by amateur and experienced tailors. Variety of colors, prints and textures makes Italian fabrics the best choice for any type of garments. Italian textiles represent not only sign of exception quality, but ages long history. The Italian keep their leading positions in textile production for ages.

Calimala and Wooler’s Workshop were the leaders in factory production blooming in Medieval Florence. They imported and dyed wool to produce woolen fabrics. Florentines successfully sold their fabrics across the Mediterranean, and large-scale of trade involved sale of over 80,000 of pieces (rolls) of wool.

Venice produced the most luxurious fabrics of that time. Companion of nobility, wealth and power, velour was considered the latest fashion of the end of the XIV century. This material with silky shiny surface was used to sew garments for secular and church nobility including Popes of Rome. Silk Lampasso was very popular as well. It was produced of gold and silver threads, and decorated with sophisticated floral ornaments.

Italian fabrics that one can find in the shops today are produced on the most modern textile equipment. Most of Italian factories providing variety of quality materials to fashionistas across the Globe operate on the market from the mid of the 20th century. Most of them produce fabrics of several price segments. The first is quality and inexpensive mass market, followed by fabrics for special occasions used for evening gowns and suites, and elegant business suites, and finally the third is alta moda (high fashion) producing fabrics for boutiques, ateliers and fashion houses.

Nevertheless, even modern Italy represents unique blend of old tradition and unprecedented demand on the modern market.

In the middle of September Delivery World shipped lot of fabrics from Italy. Our regular customer is completing customs processing of expensive cargo, and soon the magnificent Italian fabrics delivered from the heart of the world’s fashion industry will be available for sale. 

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