Footprint of Heritage: Italian Shoes by Airfreight


Italians have been working with leather for thousands of years, and their treatment methods produce a remarkable range of products, all of which are of the greatest quality and mostly handcrafted. It was Italy's obsession with excellence, along with a millennium or two of artistry, that contributed to the country's shoemaking prowess. However, there was one more requirement: the willingness and aptitude to adapt.

Except for the Italians, Italy's shoe industry was relatively unknown before to World War I. Italy's shoemaking prestige was finally gaining some attention thanks to pioneers like Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. International audiences took notice of Italy's developing fashion scene after WWII ended and the globe returned to peace. Italian shoe designers responded to shifting (and growing) demand by creating completely new designs and styles that purchasers had never seen before, all while maintaining the highest level of quality. The era of relaxed-yet-sophisticated footwear has arrived.

Italians say that to find real Italian shoes one needs to find a manufacturer that makes shoes for at least 50 years, this will ensure that the world renown quality and heritage will be combined and that such shoes will serve you as long as the manufacturer is in the field.

In the end of June Delivery World shipped lot of Italian quality shoes. The customer is completing customs formalities, and shortly the shoes that took part in the biggest wars and are worn on every Red Carpet and summits today will be available for sale at the best showrooms in the destination.

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