Weaving Progress: Delivery World on Intertextile Pavilion Shenzhen


9-11 July Delivery World attended Intertextile Pavilion Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is fast establishing itself as China’s fashion capital – with some 1,000 fashion brands, 2,000 garment companies and 30,000 fashion designers based in the city – and this year’s strong growth confirms Intertextile Pavilion Shenzhen as the industry’s platform of choice for suppliers to connect with leading brands from this sector. 35% more exhibitors took part this year, which in turn attracted 13% more trade buyers. Some of the big domestic brands sourcing at the fair this year included Bosideng, Elegant Prosper, Heilan Group, Marisfrolg, Peacebird and Purcotton, while the fair’s strong exhibitor profile and Shenzhen’s location adjacent to Hong Kong attracted global fashion labels such as Debenhams, Evisu, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Triumph to source at the fair.

China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the UK were represented by exhibitors again at this year’s fair, while India, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey were new faces in 2018. This year’s top 10 buyer countries and regions, excluding Mainland China, were Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, Korea, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia, the UK and Macau.

The exhibition brings together not only professionals of textile industry, just like any international business textiles require someone who can ensure that the goods to be shipped safely and in time, and that is where the services offered by Delivery World become of great demand. Delivery World's services offered by our representatives on the show were of great interest to the participants, industry experts and visitors of the exhibition. We have signed several contracts, and the goods are getting ready for shipment. 

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