The Italian Taste: delivery of raw materials for the food industry from Italy


As the famous proverb says, mind your sails while the weather is fine. Minding this wisdom the candy-makers of Yekaterinburg started to produce new formulas of the most favorite summer delicacy in – the ice-cream. The ingredients of the novelties of spring-summer’2013 season will be the Italian flavours, which were chosen by the manufacturers for their high quality and large variety of tastes.

You should know, that the process of creating formulas, balancing them, testing, prove-out of a producing technology, formalization of specification and approval of it in Federal Service of Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance (Rospotrebnadzor) take much time. That is why wishing to launch on time all the novelties our Ural customers asked us in January 2013 for help in express delivery from Milan to Yekaterinburg of concentrated flavours. Delivery World was chosen as a contractor due to previous successful experience of collaboration in express delivery of the raw materials for food industry.

Delivery of the lots of ingredients was with keeping settled strict dead-lines. All cargoes arrived on time and in full safety. So, the inhabitants and guests of Ural capital - Yeakterinburg - can enjoy the delicious ice-cream with  Italian taste in spring and summer of the 2013th year.

Delivery World on a regular basis collaborates with food manufacturers and distributors of  raw materials for food industry in the field of air freight forwarding. We have informed you earlier about delivery from Taiwan the raw materials and equipment for food industry.  

Air freight forwarding from Italy is one of the key directions of our business, you can learn more about it here.
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