Typhoon Causes 162 Flights Cancellation in Japan


NHK chanel reports that approaching Shanshan typhoon caused cancellation of 162 flights in Japanese airports. Railway companies suspended part of the traffic as well on the lines in Chiba, Saitame, Tokio, Kanagawa, Sidzuoke, and refer to the passengers with request to refer to the railroad companies websites for clarifications on train movement. 

According to the National Meterological Department of Japan over 100,000 people were advised to evacuate. The authorities refer to the citizents asking them to get their homes ready for bad weather, and to check on the map if their buildings are located in the hazardous zone. Typhoon is expecteв to reach its maximum and to approach Kanto and Tohoku districts located close to Tokio on 9 August at night.

See RBC for more details.

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