The world of kind hobbies: Visiting MOSCOW HOBBY EXPO-2013


In the second decade of April, the employees of Delivery World have visited one of the most heartful events of the business - the “MOSCOW HOBBY EXPO – 2013”, which took place from 19 to 21 April at the "Crocus Expo". The project could unite the most interesting exhibitors and to introduce many new companies to the visitors. The exhibition presents all directions of modeling - railway, aviation, shipbuilding and auto modeling; radio-controlled models and electric cars; architectural models; and the tools, equipment and materials for the modeling.

Among the participating companies were the representatives of the well-known industrial brands, such as LEGO, Horizon, Wright Brothers, Eurotrain and others. There were presented the n companies and clubs of amateur modelers. It was difficult to deal with a serious business case being in the general atmosphere of fun and gaming when on the miniature race tracks and the obstacle courses were moving copies of the tiny cars and sport vehicles, and from time to time the radio-controlled helicopters and airplanes were rocketing to the ceiling. However, our delegates successfully negotiated with several companies - distributors of products for modeling and prototyping.

Air delivery of goods for hobbies and collectibles is a demanded service, especially when it comes to seasonal traffic of the festive period, when, as our existing client said, "one day feed the whole year." To provide seasonal sales it is necessary sometimes to have a proved and cost-effective solution for express delivery of goods, such as proposed by Delivery World.

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