Woven Centuries: Handmade Carpets by Airfreight


The art of making carpets was probably developed on the plains of Central Asia several thousand years ago. The nomads needed some protection from the cold winters, something more easily handled than the sheepskin coverings. At the same time they were also making decorations for their tents. The materials used for the warp, weft and pile came from the herds of goats and flock of sheep.

The looms, in their simplest form, were made of two wooden ribs which were secured to the ground and between them the warp was fastened. These horizontal looms, which are still used today by the nomads, have the advantage that they fold easily and can be moved to the next camp ground.

The patterns on these early carpets were composed of geometrical or curvilinear motifs.

Despite of constantly developing technologies and new materials, handmade carpets made of natural threads such as wool or silk even today have the highest value. Such carpets are among sings of high life standard and wealth. They also bring warmth of the hands and make one’s home really cozy.

In the middle of July Delivery World shipped lot of handknotted carpets from Thailand. Tight time-lines can be a problem to anyone, but never for Delivery World. Well-established agent network, direct contract with the leading carriers across the Globe helps Delivery World to always be in time even when the cargo had to arrive yesterday.

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