The Lightest: Delivering Graphene from Bratislava


The most light weighted material in the world was created by the Chinese scientist. It was called graphene. This material is so light that even flower leaf can hold it. The lightest material in the world was made of lyophilized carbohydrate and graphene oxide. Without added substances the metal represents two-dimensional crystal, that was recognized as the slimmest on earth. Three million graphene sheets can form one millimeter stack.

Graphene is not only the most light, but it is the most firm metal in the world. Its properties are amazing; just imagine one layer of graphene with the sickness of a plastic bag can hold giant elephant. It has many values, one of which is its exceptional flexibility. It can be hard to believe, but graphene without any damage to itself can be stretched for whole 20 per cent. This are not all of it magical properties. The scientists discovered its unique ability to filter water and to preserve gases and liquids.

Earlier we have told of delivery of one of the most expensive metals in the world from Bratislava to Moscow ( No doubt delivery of 35 kg cargo that costs 1.5 million Dollars requires exceptional trust, and it is not an accident that the choice fall on Delivery World. Years of perfection in work, and utmost expertize of our company are the reasons for unlimited trust of our customers.

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