Agricultural Navigation: GPS Navigators for Agricultural Machines from Chicago



Today's agriculture is constantly developing and applies new technologies having beneficial influence on productivity and quality of planting works. Agricultural lands processing is rather complex process, requiring significant costs related to fuel, fertilizers, planting materials. All works are performed by professionals, and no doubt human factor cannot be excluded.

GPS navigators installed on agricultural machines make this process much easier. This devices are known as simultaneous driving system. Installation of agricultural navigator on tractor, harvester or on any other agricultural machine takes few minutes. High accuracy antenna together with the latest technologies ensures the highest precision during works.

Agriculture requires cost effective and effective solutions, and it can only be ensured by application of modern technologies Modern technologies make it possible for a tractor driver tobe guided by devices, instead of landmarks, which leads to increasing quality of land processing, and speed of machinery, makes working in darkness possible as well. .

Agricultural navigation equipment has several advantages:

  • Makes machines move perfectly straight among rows;
  • Enhances effectiveness of wide-coverage equipment;
  • Enhances effectiveness of agricultural equipment utilization;
  • Enhances precision of works (especially during fertilizing);
  • Reduces planting material purchasing costs;
  • Navigation equipment supports both GLONASS and GPS signals.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped large lot of agricultural GPS navigation systems from Chicago , that will, without a doubt, lead to increase of cost effectiveness and production in agriculture.

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