State Importance: Attending All n Forum and Exhibition Goszakaz 2014


23 to 25 April Moscow hosted anniversary All n Forum and Exhibition Goszakaz 2014. The Director of the Moscow Office of Delivery World attended the event. For the past ten years, the show became professional exhibition and discussion ground in state procurement, both for the n and for the foreign participants.

State trading system constantly improves and requires live cooperation between buyers and suppliers, as well as regular discussions. On the forum the participants discussed results of establishing clear system of state order, implementation of e-trade and e-trading grounds, and new contract system of state procurement. Within the framework of the exhibitions, the participants offered their products, technologies and services, and had an opportunity to receive necessary consultations on the booths of the companies involved in state procurement .

For many years Delivery World acts as trusted forwarder for many enterprises and establishments and performs international airfreight of cargos on their request and CIS. We carry all types of cargos, including hazardous, large sized, and valued, therefore we are irreplaceable subcontractor for international airfreight. Participation in event facilitated establishment of new business relations with the n customers, and allowed us to get familiar with the latest novelties of state procurement.

On Forum and Exhibition Goszakaz 2014 we held several meetings with representatives of the federal and regional state establishments making decisions in cargo logistics, as well as with suppliers displaying their production on the show.

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