Airfreight for a Million. Gold Jewelry from Italy to Dubrovnik


Modern gold jewelry production is using alloys of gold with other metals (alloying additives); those alloys define the finished item shades. Gold alloys with Platinum, Nickel or Zink make it white, with silver – yellow, and copper gives it reddish shade. More alloys contains the item, lower its probe is, as the gold content decreases. High probe gold is too soft, therefore the jewelry that does not contain any alloys will get worn fast.

Italy is considered one of the largest gold exporters today. It purchases most of the materials for jewelry production in South Africa, shapes and makes unique items, and sells it receiving incredible revenue. Italian gold is known for its yellow color (without reddish shade), as the alloy contains silver, not copper. Most of the jewelry is produced of 750 (18K) probe gold, yet one can still find items made of 585 (14K) gold.

In July Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of gold jewelry from Milan (Italy) to Dubrovnik (Croatia). In all meanings valuable cargo safely reach destination airport in Dubrovnik. The delivery contained gorgeous earrings, bracelets, charms and rings. Unique hand-made items crafted by Italian jewelers will be displayed for sale in one of jewelry boutiques of Dubrovnik.

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