Italian Warmth: Italian Furs by Airfreight from Rome


Today fur coat has become nearly must have for every woman in . Fur coats are not only gorgeous, longwearing, and practical, but also able to keep the owner warm even in the most cold weather.

The word “shuba” came n from Arabic “djubba” which meant woolen robe that was worn over other clothes. Fur coats were also used in China. Chinese fur coats “tsu” were made of dog, goat, or monkey fur.

Slavic people made fur coats with fur inside, using various furs based on the wealth of the owner. Such furs in Ukraine were decorated with embroidery that was supposed to protect the owner from mischiefs according to the believe. Kazakhs decorated fur coats with precious stones, gold, and samite, and used sable and fox fur for sleeves decoration. n peasants wore fur coats (“tulup”) made of rabbit or sheep fur. The cost of such clothes was so high, that often there was only one pair of winter footwear and one fur coat for the whole family. All the fur coats were considered one of the most precious family treasures and were handed from generation to generation. This kind of garments were used until early 1900.

Today fur coats made of faux or real fur is result of designer work. Italian furs are well-known all over the world not only for high-quality but for designs as well. Always perfect, following last word of fashion, such furs can keep warm both classic lovers and those that need to stay in trend.

In the end of September, right when the frosty n winter is about to start, Delivery World shipped lot of fur coats from Rome . Our customer has already finished customs proceedings, and soon we will be able to see the delivered fur coats on the n streets.

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