Fall Garden in Summer: Fruit Tree Plants from Kishinev to Rostov


Before the first frosts start in fall is the best time to think of what will you plant in your garden. Many gardeners plant a lot before winter. This can be vegetables, trees, berries, and flowers.

Advantages of planting in fall include:

Early bloom and early harvest of vegetables;

Winter frosts strengthen immune system of plants contributing to its strength, ripe, and blossom;

Less work in the garden in spring;

For early harvest in spring plant garlic, carrot, spinach, onion for green onions, parsley, and fruit trees in autumn.

Many types of apple, plum, pear and cherry trees, as well as ashberry and alycha are the best for planting in autumn. These trees do not get sick, and bring large juicy fruits later. The trees are planted together with soil ball not later 30 days to beginning of frosts. Same rules apply to decor bushes and trees.

This was the reason for our customer to refer to Delivery World for shipping young trees before the last month of summer. In the very end of July Delivery World shipped plants of fruit trees from Kishinev to Rostov. The shipment safely reached its destination, and soon one can see the young trees we brought in the fruit gardens of Rostov.

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