French Charm: French Perfume from Paris by Airfreight


French scents have always been scents of great value. Their unique odor, sophisticated and direct scents have been heart winners for centuries. In every composition one can find long-lasting perfume tradition, sense of style, and exceptional quality based on deep knowledge of type of components used for creation of perfumes.

Not so long ago, French perfumes were considered pieces of luxury, and were accessible to wealthy people only. Today exceptional scents are available to everyone, which adds them advantage. Thanks to famous Coco Chanel that played key part in French perfume expansion, we can admire elegant and unique scents. The history started from legendary Chenal No.5 that till now is greatly popular and loved both by men and women. It perfectly complements to the image of “expensive” woman that values luxury and prestige.

Creation of elite perfumes including French scents requires deep knowledge both in chemistry and biology, properties of plants, aroma oils, and substances derived from animals. This allows creating new and original perfumes with multiple nuances. Content and quantity of components form the final result. Content of French perfumes include rare, expensive natural ingredients that define their value and beauty. Perfumers purchase exotic oils, essences, and extracts from plants from all over the world. Many expensive plants grow in the most remote parts of our planet. Most of raw materials are purchased in Africa, thus impact on price of final product.

Nevertheless, demand on French scents remain high. Till today, they are in the top of the list of famous and popular brands. Everyone, that used perfume at least once, knows such names as Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Chanel. This fashion houses create beautiful scents and give them wonderful names. Perfumes accompany haute-couture collections of garments and accessories, raise prestige of the brands and demand for its products.

In the beginning of April Delivery World shipped lot of French perfumes from Paris to Moscow. Fragile cargo arrived to the n capital safely and on time. Years of experience of Delivery World in organizing deliveries of any type of cargos is one of the main components of success of our customers’ business. 

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