French Chic: Perfume from Nice by Airfreight


Leather gloves came into fashion in France in the 17th century. Ladies did not like the smell, giving birth to the manufacturer’s idea to soak the processed leather in aromatic mixtures. Later sophisticated odors became the symbols of luxury and good taste. King Ludovic XV fall in love with perfumes to extent that the perfumers had to work without break as the king requested novelties every day. During his ruling the court nearly showered in perfumes, putting the scents on the garments and interiors.

Napoleon was another French perfume lover. The history says, that he used two liters of violets eau de cologne per week. Bonaparte’s wife shared perfume addiction. Perfume scent did not leave her bodoir for several years after her death.

Actually, the rating of the best world’s scents and the top French scents is nearly same list. French are the most sophisticated perfumers. They create scents that survive fashion. French scents mark epochs, and make new generations fall in love.

Several times we have told you about delivery of the best scents from all over the world arranged by our company; and once again our regular customer referred to Delivery World for shipment of fragile cargo. Loved by millions and newest perfumes arrived in the middle of November safely and in time, and shortly will be available for sale in the outlets of Moscow.

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