Emergency Vitamins Care: Delivery of Food Supplements from Vietnam and USA


Food supplements are concentrated active substances designed to supplement human menu to eliminate gap in nutrients in the body.

Food supplements are made of vegetable, animal, and mineral raw. The supplements are aimed to assist protein, carbon, fat, and other types of nutrients exchange, and to normalize the work of the body in whole, to strengthen immune system, and to improve digestion, etc.

The medicine knows three proved properties of the food supplements: they help to remove heavy metal toxic residuals and toxins; they do have actual immune system stimulating actions, and help to improve immune system in whole, and if applied correctly are able to compensate vitamins, nutrients, and microelements deficiency.

Body of a human living in a city usually suffers from poor environment, polluted air, constant stress, and wrong nutrition. Food supplements are able to support it in this situation, by filling health gaps that are caused by unhealthy lifestyle. It is much easier to fight with the sicknesses causes if everything in a body is well balanced.

It is important to remember that food supplements are not medicines, and are only supplements to nutrition having some compensatory and assisting functions. The researches made in the US studied impact of the food supplements on the human body suffering from chronical diseases. It revealed that the impact of the supplement to the body is similar to placebo effect: the positive impact is available but complete cure is impossible without administration of other methods.

It is important for the patient not to go for self-treatment blindly following commercial, and buying whatever. Food supplements should be taken with care; the elements in its composition can accumulate in a body, and with time cause toxic effect on the body organs. Even the “lightest” “general strengthening” substances cannot be prescribed without a doctor, as even they have many

In the pick of the virus season in , in the beginning of January, to support bodies exhausted by holiday season, Delivery World shipped lot of food supplements from the USA and Vietnam. Soon after the holidays are over the food supplements will be available for sale, and will help ns to fight seasonal sickness.

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