Magic Pills: Dietary Supplements from USA


Consumption of food (dietary) supplements has doubled from 2000. People all over the world use dietary supplements to support health and maintain necessary levels of nutrients in the body.

In the beginning of the 20th only three essential nutrients were recognized in food: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Poor sanitation and hygiene were viewed as the source of all diseases, and the solution was sterilizing food to get rid of bacteria, mold, and toxins. Rice was polished, and other grains were milled to eliminate husks. Unfortunately, those measures only extended shelf lives, and side negative affects remained unknown at that time.

The processing of grains destroyed vital B vitamins and led to higher incidence of two of the era’s common diseases: pellagra, a deficiency of niacin, whose symptoms include sores and delusions; and beriberi, a deficiency of vitamin B1, or thiamine, which damages nerves and can lead to paralysis.

Sterilizing milk with heat destroyed vitamin C, and rates of scurvy―(bleeding gums and fatigue are common symptoms)―increased among children in affluent families. These were the people who had access to the “best” food, or so they thought, so these trends were a mystery.

Vitamin history really took off during the late 1920s and into the ’30s, as more nutrients were documented and more multivitamin-type products became available.

Today one can get knocked off by variety of available supplements and vitamins. Most of them, especially those designed for mass market are made of artificial vitamins, yet some producers use natural ingredients derived from food items.

Fall is behind the corner, and we need additional support to support health during cold season. In the beginning of August Delivery World shipped quality food supplements from US, our regular customer is completing customs processing at destination, and soon the vitamins will be available for sale.

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