International Cooperation. Delivery World on "FIATA World Congress"


8 to 13 September the freight forwarding company Delivery World took part in the 89th World Congress of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) that was held in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. The Congress is the key international ground to exchange knowledge and experience, meet old partners and establish new business contacts in the international freight forwarding and logistics industry.

Over 1,400 guests that took part in the Congress are the experts in the various types of cargo transportation: rail, marine, and air. For Delivery World's professionals the FIATA World Congress represents the unique opportunity to get familiar with the latest trends of the industry, and the changes in the international freight carriage.

This year the freight forwarding companies presented their innovative solutions for cargo transportation. Namely, the German colleague displayed the latest "green" technologies for cargo transportation that reduce negative impact of transport to environment. The exhibition also displayed sub-industry sections related to customs and warehousing services, infrastructure (airports, railway stations, ports), and cargo insurance.

During the Congress representatives of Delivery World had a chance to get acknowledged not only with the latest achievements in freight forwarding, but with the specific and bright culture of the modern Taiwan. Increased impact of globalization on freight forwarding became the key topic of the congress. Special attention has been given to promotion of the project aimed to integration of local industries to global economy, as was specifically told by the Deputy Minister for Economic Development of China.

Also our experts had close look to the latest changes that took place in FIATA structure. Existing institutes for multimodal, air carriage, customs affairs, and three constant advisory councils are added by two new structures: Advisory Council for International Relations (that will have to cooperate with the international organizations and in freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chains), and Advisory Council for Information Technologies.

Delivery World's representatives held talks with the potential customers and presented our airfreight forwarding services during the business program of the show. The Congress brought us new contracts for airfreight from Shanghai, China and Indonesia .

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