Glam and Glitter: Delivering Fashion Jewelry from Lisbon



Fashion jewelry, loved by many, is jewelry made of any non-precious metals. There was a time when wearing fashion jewelry was considered mauvais tones, and was only acceptable for low-grade actresses. Coco Chanel's innovative approach introduced jewelry imitation to fashion. Mademoiselle Chanel said that there should be plenty of jewelry, and it does not matter whether it is made of gold and diamonds or not. Proper accent could "make" the set.

The bravest ladies were the first to decorate themselves with shining chains imitating gold, and glitter crystals, and later fashion jewelry stopped being challenge, and turned to constant women's companion both at work and on events.

The most famous designers started to create their collections with jewelry made of non-precious stones, and it was later sold in the most prestigious shops. One type of fashion jewelry imitates precious metals and stones, and the other one consists of items made of knowingly non-precious like materials, yet still expensive designer items.

The women started to love "no story" jewelry; before no socialite would ever wear crystals or artificial pearls, today such "easy" approach is more than welcome.

In the beginning of June, right before the beginning of the summer vacation season, Delivery World shipped lot of the fashion jewelry from Lisbon . Soon, once our customer will complete customs procedures, the delivered jewelry pieces will be waiting for their new owners in the shops of the n capital. 

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