No Eye-Washing. Elite Optics by Airfreight from Paris


Starting sunny spring and so awaited summer vacation season brings changes not to fashion garments lines but to sunglasses collections updates. Style and trends of these accessories traditionally are set by French and Italian designers. This time, in the middle of March Delivery World upon request of its regular customer delivered 150 kg of French premium sunglasses and accessories from Paris to Moscow.

This cargo is referred to fragile cargos and requires careful treatment and special delivery conditions. Delivery World professionals excluded any breakage possibility both during the flight and during handling works.

First of all, sunglasses had to be correctly packed. In this case we used soft liners as almost fully excluding any possible damages. Also, all the cargo had to be duly marked.

Even though the cargos are usually delivered securely and without a damage, yet, one never knows when unforeseen situation may occur. That's why we always advise our customers to insure the cargos selecting comprehensive insurance, covering all the risks. The sunglasses delivered from Paris were insured as well.

The sunglasses and accessories smoothly delivered by airfreight arrived safely and securely. Our customer, the large premium optics supplier, already distributed the received goods to optics salons in Moscow, and the buyers can enjoy variety of exclusive French glasses. 

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